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Father & Sons Camp

This weekend program is designed to create a bonding experience between Fathers and their Son that they will both never forget. Over two days and two nights (6pm Friday evening to 4pm Sunday afternoon) there will be experiences that will help Fathers guide their young sons into manhood in the years to come. This learning experience can bring a positive change in attitude and behaviour for both boys and their Fathers in their relationship.

This camp is designed to help Fathers to:

  • Answer the question of “What does it mean to be a man?”
  • What is the passage from boyhood?
  • Create a code of conduct that will guide your young son into manhood.
  • Create significant moments in your son’s life.

It is the responsibility of a loving Dad to raise his son with a ‘code of conduct’ which will give him a right of passage into ‘Authentic Manhood’ Help your Son negotiate a passage from Boyhood into Manhood. Have you got what it takes?