The aim of the ACTION CHALLENGE program is to provide a natural surrounding in which participants will be encouraged to:

  • Refine their interpersonal, communication and listening skills
  • Apply positive self-talk to build courage and self-esteem
  • Apply team-work strategies
  • Build morale and motivation
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Develop a positive attitude towards life
  • Resolve conflict in a constructive and non threatening manner
  • Develop initiative and its correct application
  • Recognise the process of making positive & negative choices and their consequences

ACTION CHALLENGE likes to create a challenging environment for participants irrespective of age or background.  WE believe in helping people s-t-r-e-t-c-h themselves when they meet new challenges, and in doing so discover the rewards of being able to overcome a particular obstacle or problem.

Objectives & Outcomes

On completion of the ACTION CHALLENGE Adventure Based Training Program the expected outcomes for your participants will be:

  • To have a greater understanding of team-work
  • To develop improved communication and listening skills in a team environment
  • To develop mentoring skills
  • To improve their understanding of finalisation processes and the need for project completion in regards to time lines and profit margins, and how this affects jobs and  the stability of the company. To improve their understanding of finalisation processes and the need for project completion in regards to time lines and profit margins, and how this affects jobs and  the stability of the company
  • To have acceptance of responsibility for actions and accountability
  • To enhance a supportive learning environment for respective teams.
  • To understand the importance of mentoring and being mentored.
  • To have the ability to enjoy each others’ company and have fun while doing so, which enhances harmony in the work place.

Investment Overview and Course Duration

The Adventure Based Training Program will provide a program of activities for one, two, or three days, depending on the businesses needs.

ACTION CHALLENGE will provide all meals, training, and equipment for activities during the course. All Action Challenge staff holds First Aid certificates. Participants will be required to supply their own sleeping bag or swag, tent, water bottle, hat and sunscreen. Cost of travel to and from the venue is to be arranged by your Organisation.

The Adventure Based Training Program is organised in such a way that participants remain active to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from the course.

What sort of person accepts the Action Challenge Program?

Career minded individuals who have the desire and ability to achieve superior results that add value to their work environment, themselves, their community and at home.

Men and women who want to explore their potential, expand their horizons, exercise their abilities and discover new areas of experience, which lead to personal growth.

You don’t have to be ‘superhuman’. You do need a smile on your face and possess desire to explore your own potential and that of others. By the time participants leave ACTION CHALLENGE they will notice a positive change in themselves and others. You should see an increase in levels of:

  • resourcefulness and creativity
  • co-operation
  • self-awareness
  • confidence
  • stress tolerance
  • competency
  • problem solving
  • lateral thinking
  • goal planning and achievement
  • time management
  • effective leadership
  • calculated risk taking and planning
  • environmental consciousness
  • receptivity to co-workers

We believe most people who take up new positions in their chosen field of employment and training have yet to discover other areas of untapped potential which, when unlocked, will result in even higher levels of energy, motivation and success.  One of our aims at ACTION CHALLENGE is to encourage each individual to uncover some of this untapped potential, and then help him/her to develop to the best of their ability.

What are the benefits of the program?

The immediate benefit of the ACTION CHALLENGE program should hopefully develop noticeable improvements to the participant’s attitude in the work place and at home. Their relationship with other work colleagues will come closer to what an employer envisages as the ideal relationship, which should exist in the work place.
As individuals have different strengths and weakness everyone is to be seen as mentors within the organisation and therefore demonstrate improved behaviour standards towards each other.

Other benefits of the program include:

  • Overall increase in productivity

  • Improved levels of co-operation

  • Higher morale

  • Increased levels of ‘initiative taking’

  • Increased levels of participation

  • Better teamwork attitudes

  • Better levels of trust between staff and management
  • Better and more effective communication
  • Higher levels of motivation to ‘get the work done’
  • Better focus on aims and objectives
  • Improved problem solving skills amongst staff and team leaders
  • Improved willingness of staff to take on new responsibilities
  • Better understanding of achieving goals
  • Increased safety awareness
  • How to mentor

Training Methodology

This course will use a wide range of structured physical activities to provide participants with ‘hands on’ experience in problem solving, calculated risk taking, teamwork, communication and effective listening.

This ‘hands on’ experience is one of the most effective ways to learning new ideas and concepts as it is designed to take advantage of an individual’s learning curve.

At each stage of the ACTION CHALLENGE program, tasks and problem solving activities will become increasingly difficult.  This encourages lateral thinking processes, leadership skills, teamwork, and greater involvement from participants.

Conduct of Course

Participants will be camped out in a rustic Aussie-style bush hut, with bush bunks supplied.

It will be the participants’ sole responsibility to self-implement daily housekeeping tasks.

The participants themselves will set up guidelines for behaviour, safety, care of environment, etc, at the beginning of the program.  Where necessary, instructors will advise on types of duties to be performed and levels of safety to be observed.  It is then up to the teams to ensure each of its members – as well as those of other teams – perform their duties and adhere to the guidelines set up by the group.


We guarantee confidentiality of all information gathered in the ACTION CHALLENGE program.

Adventure Based Training of ACTION CHALLENGE fosters an experiential learning process through the use of a wide range of carefully designed group activities and training techniques.