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Mother & Daughter Camp

Mother & Daughter Camps are designed to create a bonding experience between Mothers and their Daughters over a weekend program. Over two days and two nights (6pm Friday evening to 4pm Sunday afternoon) Mothers and their Daughters will create a memorable experience together by supporting and guiding each other through specially designed activities.

Throughout these activities, personal development, communication and trust are achieved, which bring about changes in thought processes, and how people treat each other. As a result of this course, participants tend to have a greater respect for themselves and others.

This program teaches a code of conduct for the transition of Girlhood into Womanhood and is designed to assist Mothers to guide their Daughters into ‘Authentic Womanhood’ through a multimedia presentation. This program is designed to help you to guide your Daughter along life’s path with humility and integrity.

Create some special memories with your Daughter!